Raw Pod #9: Starter Packs

Uncut amp uncensored In this episode of raw pod the guys talk about bad decisions from a night of drinking and the regrets from the morning after They read tweets from the sub-reddit WhitePeopleTwitter and debate which race is funnier- whites blacks or south-east asians They discuss indian dudes who slide into DMs mimic basic white girls and try to figure out how many versions of the name Katelyn exist The show gets real towards the end with the guys doing starter packs of different races Follow us for exclusive content behind the scenes footage giveaways and to be notified of special events happening near you Website SlightlyIgnorantPod comInstagram SlightlyIgnorantPodcastTwitter SlightlyIgnantFacebook SlightlyIgnorantPodcastPlease leave us a review on Apple Podcasts Spotify Stitcher or email us at SlightlyIgnorantPod gmail com if you have any comments or suggestions Cheers The Slightly Ignorant TeamClick here to visit this podcast episode

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