Raw Pod #12: Cutting In Line

We re back this week sharing our recent findings from the internet We take a look at the most common adjectives used for men and women in books after a robot read 3 5 million books dated from 1900-2008 We talk about a recent breakthrough in non-invasive prosthetics that allows users to control their limps by their thoughts The study is currently being led by Carnegie Mellon We also find out that Raff is a big tipper and that sometimes people cut in line for a good reason nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp Follow us for exclusive content behind the scenes footage giveaways and to be notified of special events happening near you Website SlightlyIgnorantPod comInstagram SlightlyIgnorantPodcastTwitter SlightlyIgnantFacebook SlightlyIgnorantPodcastPlease leave us a review on Apple Podcasts Spotify Stitcher or email us at SlightlyIgnorantPod gmail com if you have any comments or suggestions Cheers The Slightly Ignorant TeamClick here to visit this podcast episode

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