December 17, 2019

The Season 2 Finale has arrived Yolo is put in a Faustian Bargain situation by the Dark Lord himself and Pancake admits selling his soul for a hip podcast Louis aka the Dark Lord Satan […]



December 1, 2019

Eastbound and Down We start this episode with four clips from the upcoming Comedy Ep – Deez Nutz Release Date 12 10 2019 produced and written by the folks at The Socool Podcast The clips […]



November 15, 2019

There s a Dildo in the Dishwasher Pancake discovers a dildo in Christopher Robin s dishwasher and Yolo comes clean about how ladies landscape their pussies Pancake has a very specific person he wants to […]



November 11, 2019

We ve got bush We ve got bush Nerds Pancake and Robin convince Yolo to sit in on their classic Fishbowl bit and she picks the 1984 Classic Revenge of the Nerds starring the guy […]


Holiday Marketing: Where To Start

November 1, 2019

Did you know there are 6 fewer shopping days between Black Friday and Christmas this year The first place to start your holiday marketing is actually a quick review of your business digital presence SUBSCRIBE […]


Oprah Cordoba Blues

October 30, 2019

My Dad died So this is a tribute to him and I apologize for the audio quality on the A side but also I don t really give a fuck My father was a great […]



October 27, 2019

Houston – we have a problem The new Vintage Atari Computer Fishbowl system turns gay for Tom Cruise and the boys have to make a pivot on-the-fly from Days of Thunder to Fast Times at […]