Going To Conferences

July 19, 2016

We talk about the pros and cons of attending professional conferences related to engineering education including South by Southwest EDU SXSWedu whose deadline is coming up Teacher Rachel Fahrig gives tips on how to make […]


Teaching High School Engineering Better

July 12, 2016

Teacher Jerry Molde Moldenhauer talks about what he s learned while teaching engineering to high school students over the past years in Austin Texas Molde and Pius discuss Project Lead The Way PLTW one of […]


Teaching Teachers When You re Not One

June 28, 2016

Engineers Sadhan Sathyaseelan and Pius Wong both have trained high school teachers in engineering curricula We re talking about what we ve learned as non-teachers to successfully train teachers in professional development programs spanning different […]


Educational Standards

June 14, 2016

Engineer Pius Wong speaks with teacher Rachel Fahrig about educational standards including NGSS and Common Core We cover what they mean the various strong opinions about them and how they might broadly affect K12 engineering […]


Why K12 Engineering Pilot

May 31, 2016

In our inaugural episode of The K12 Engineering Education Podcast guests Rachel Fahrig and Sadhan Sathyaseelan speak with host Pius Wong about the importance of teaching engineering at younger ages and the questions we d […]