Episode 8: Having Friends That Are Investors

Grab the Map Podcast Episode 8 How to Email John at grabthemap gmail com if he says something you disagree with or totally love Investors think differently than consumers A consumer is looking to temporarily feel better impressing a friend getting from point A to point B or improving his life An investor asks if that purchase will return on their or other s money 02 45 Investors can help you sharpen your investment strategy An investor can look at your deal and see that it cashflows John sends his friend his purchase price of a property expected interest rate expected expenses and the friend may think it s a good deal with 300 profit but John settles for 150 per month Another friend is a sounding board to help with decision making and the spiritual side Invest with or without debt Is enough time being spent with family It s okay to have friends that help you balance where you re going even if they don t have the same situation and goals as you 05 50 Another friend Brady buys properties land and businesses He thinks about location proximity in good areas John is instead looking for cashflow money returns That friend helps talk John out of deals with red flags He also helps to push the limits Most of John s properties are in the 35k- 60k range He s done 50 deals this year That friend may notice that he does lots of little deals and a few larger deals higher risk may make the same amount of money 07 45 A contractor friend an entrepreneur thinks about what s attractive to consumers what it takes to get setup and rolling John has suggested business ideas that became profitable Some friends are great for listening to all your ideas 09 00 John s wife sometimes doesn t want to hear about real estate She s there to make sure John remembers about family time prayer and life to balance that real estate business he s growing How do YOU have conversations with friends as an investor You SHOULDN T be talking to some people Others will help you with your motivation and decision-making Real estate investing is a team sport although you make some decisions on your own Click here to visit this podcast episode

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