Blog Post: The Long Island Podcast Network Welcomes the New Podcast Star Wars TV

Star Wars fans alike will love this new podcast which right now at the time of this writing has almost 25 episodes from everything with Star Wars TV programs including, but not limited to, Mandalorian, the Star Wars Clone Wars, Star Wars Resistance and more. This podcast can be listened to here or subscribers can get them on Libsyn at For iTunes fans, subscribers cans follow at - Amazing! The first episode was released on June 22, 2018 and podcast episodes are released every 3 to 5 weeks on average. Star Wars TV Talk is also one of the Long Island Podcast Network's professional level podcasts. Our favorite episodes so far are The Clone Wars - Dooku Captured & Rebels - Path Of The Jedi, The Clone Wars - Lair Of Grievous & Rebels - Gathering Forces, Star Wars Celebration & Season 1 Finale Of Resistance. Other types of episodes on this science fiction podcast is the Holiday Special and the review of the long awaited Solo movie, depicting the up and coming Hans Solo.