Musicians from Long Island can now get their music videos converted to a video podcast!

The Long Island Podcast Network now comverts music videos into full podcasts for musicians and bands. Musicians, songwriters, bands, and recording artists have long used YouTube as the main platform to release their music videos. Since MTV's debute in the 80's, music videos have become the communication tool and today's internet marketing trends attract new followers and listeners as well as promote album sales from online streaming platforms such as Spotify, iTunes, SoundCloud, and Google Play. Now with the increasing traffic of Long Island Podcast Network's subscriber base, it only makes sense to combine YouTube videos and podcasting. As a result, the Long Island Podcast Network and the New York City Podcast Network have introduced music videos as a video podcast for any recording artists or bands. To view the list of video podcasts, especially from bands and musicians, go to

What is really cool about the Long Island Podcast Network and the New York City Podcast Network's video music podcast feature is that whenever bands put up a new music video on their YouTube channels or playlists, those videos automatically show up on their podcast page instantly and for those music video podcasts that are the Professional level, they also show up on our home page.

To sign up, bands and musicians can add their YouTube channels or playlists to the Long Island Podcast Network's signup form. Simply fill out the information and submit the form. From there, all YouTube channels and playlists will be reviewed by our editorial staff. Music videos can consist of original material, live performances, and MTV or VH1 style concept music videos.

Important: When filling out the contact form, under the label "", enter your YouTube playlist link or channel link. If you want all of your music videos to appear on your music video podcast, enter the channel link. Otherwise, create a YouTube playlist and add the playlist link.

As of the writing of this particular blog post, some of the most popular music video podcasts on the Long Island Podcast Network are the Magic Blue Music Videos podcast with podcasts from the band Magic Blue out of Long Island as well the Untapped Video Music Network at which is sponsored by Lunch Money Productions and Bruce Chamoff's Music Videos at

The Long Island Podcast Network's new music video podcast proves that bands can get more exposure and fans to their music as well as followers to their live gigs. Once a YouTube channel is submitted, it takes approximately 5 to 7 business days on average to create the podcast, but can also be approved sooner or later. Each music video podcast can include links to YouTube, Spotify, iTunes, SoundCloud and other music platforms and all videos play fully inside the web browser as well as includes links to the actual YouTube video page. There are three packages available to promote music videos and those pricing options can be viewed on the pricing page. There is a free pricing option with limited exposure and also available are two paid options that help promote your music and music videos to get more subscribers and followers of your live gigs.