Pain: Transforming It And Accepting It

Pain can make you angry and miserable especially when there isn t immediate relief Chronic pain can t always be treated with medication since the medication can have side effects so we bear it or become angry or we find a way to cope with it Here are some thoughts in today s minisode on pain and meditation Let me know what you think and please leave a review I d really love to hear from you too Send me an email with your thoughts or stories to share hello consciouslife guruConscious Life Space s Conversations podcast minisode number 8 self-improvement pain learnwithme consciouslifespace conversations minisode personaldevelopment onbeinghumanNew episodes are published on Thursdays Thank you for listening to this minisode Support the podcast by subscribing You can also support us by leaving a review on iTunes Spreaker SoundCloud Spotify Stitcher or your fav platform you ll find us because we re everywhere – The more reviews and likes we get means that more people will have the opportunity to listen to this podcast too Help us spread the word and share it with your friends —– If you d like to support Conscious Life Space and our mission please consider becoming a patron https patreon com spiritual maintenance club or making a donation https paypal me consciouslifespace—–Music in this episode includes God Fury by Anno DominiiBeats Birds by Silent PartnerCast of Pods by Doug Maxwell—– Let me know what you think in the comments and don t forget to subscribe to the channel visit the blog and follow on social media Website https consciouslife guruInstagram https instagram com consciouslifespaceFacebook https facebook com ConsciousLifeSpaceTwitter https twitter com consciouslifespPinterest https pinterest com consciouslifespaceSign-up for our monthly newsletter and get access to the CLS Resource Library https getit consciouslife guru—–Conscious Life Space is dedicated to helping its readers to live in greater harmony with their environment by publishing media on topics such as personal evolution health wellness yoga gardening art current events environmental and social justice Our goal is to inform provoke thought inspire engage in discussion and to offer you resources and recommendations for living consciously Click here to visit this podcast episode

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