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The Truth About Ukraine

September 28, 2019

The left has spun so many stories about the Ukraine call We take a closer look at the call what s really there and talk about how Democrats need to focus on Americans again Music […]

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Raw Pod #12: Cutting In Line

September 28, 2019

We re back this week sharing our recent findings from the internet We take a look at the most common adjectives used for men and women in books after a robot read 3 5 million […]

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Episode 12 – Woman And Motorsport

September 27, 2019

Are there enough woman in and around motorsport and the automotive industry tune in for a special episode where I talk about the girls pioneering the space and the sheer lack of female influence in […]

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Episode 21: Could Localism Cure Globalism?

September 25, 2019

Our penchant for global travel is destroying the very places we re trying to see Whether it s going off trail for the perfect instagram picture or it s more invisible like carbon dioxide melting […]


9 – Ric Robertson – Rustic Rootian

September 24, 2019

Live at Rustic Roots Music and Food Retreat host Andy Reiner sits down with teaching artist and special guest Ric Robertson in a historic dance hall from the 1800 s Ric harnesses the power of […]