Linda Andersson

September 27, 2015

Interview with this director who wrote edited this piece She talks about casting and getting this indie project that was partially crowd funded Click here to visit this podcast episode

Business Level

Show 699 I Dreamed I Sounded Like Elvis

September 24, 2015

This is not about Elvis Impersonators but about the recording artists that actually sounded like Presley The hit and the misses Interspersed are the absolute best Elvis songs some that haven t been heard in […]


Time Capsule Episode 208

September 24, 2015

More on Heroes Reborn this week with comments from Tim Kring and Zachary Levi courtesy of NBC I also look at the 7th Matrix Short Film Podcast s latest episode From the roundtables for Supergirl […]


The Taxcast September 2015

September 23, 2015

In the September 2015 Taxcast The next financial crisis We look at offshore and the trillion dollar derivatives market Plus we discuss how Mexico s trying to force multinational companies to pay more tax why […]